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Read on to discover how you can get your hands on these cash-creating Commission Magnets which helped this once homeless couple create a 7 Figure Online Business!

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From: Omar & Melinda Martin
"The Internet Marketing Power Couple"
Orlando Florida, USA

Dear Commission-Seeker,

When you wake up in the morning and realize you're sleeping in a broken down car next to a dumpster you know you’ve hit rock bottom…

Back in the dark ages of 2003 my wife and I were homeless.

For a time we just slept in my beat-up car but schmucko here crashed it so then we had to sleep wherever we could find shelter.

Fortunately the Hotel del Dumpster was a rare occurrence but the other places we had to sleep weren’t much better…

“We Were Homeless and Moving from Squat to Squat Just to Try Get a Roof Over Our Heads…”

See those 3 dumpsters? Thats where I used to sleep.

Looking back I have no idea how we survived.

But you do what you gotta do right?

Human beings are tenacious little animals, that’s for sure, and were determined to drag ourselves out of this horrible situation even if it killed us in the process.

So we drew on hidden, inner resolve and began fighting for our very survival, hour by hour and day by day.


“By 2007 We Clawed Our Way Up The Ladder, Got Married, Had 3 Dogs, 2 Cars and a Nice House But We Were Still Drowning in a Dark Ocean of Debt…”

We were no longer homeless but still very VERY broke.

It was a double-edged sword, you know?

Sure - you have a few of the nice things life can offer but you still have this axe hanging over your head all the time. It stresses you out.

Nothing is your own.

You owe so much you can’t sleep.

You know it’s really bad when you start seeing stacks of collection letters in your mailbox every day. And then you resort to getting payday loans one week after the next using the next loan to pay off the last loan.

And whenever the phone rings you feel a sense of panic and...

“You Send All Unknown Numbers to Voicemail Because You Know They’re Bill Collectors…”

And so the cycle repeats itself.

No matter what we tried we just couldn’t dig ourselves out of the hole.

And by this time we starting to become aware of the whole internet marketing scene and we believed it provided us a way out of our hole.

But it wasn’t going to be easy.

By Christmas of 2007 we were so broke that we couldn't even afford Christmas gifts. And I felt sick to the pit of my stomach when I had to have the sit-down with my wife and break the awful news;

“We’ll Have to CANCEL Christmas This Year…”

But this sad state of affairs was really a blessing in disguise.

It was the beginning of the end of struggle.

I made a commitment to myself, a commitment to my wife and a commitment to my family that from that moment onwards all our Christmases would be filled with happy and wealthy memories.

“This is the turning point”, I thought.

So we threw ourselves completely into internet marketing. We were completely immersed - every hour of every day.

I even dreamt about internet marketing.

But it doesn’t take long to realize the concept of making money online is very different to the reality. You throw your heart, your soul, your blood, your sweat, your tears and all your money at this thing but for the longest time it just swallows you up whole...

“You Feel All Alone and Nothing is Working For You...”

This is where you start to have doubts.

You doubt the experts selling their wares.

You doubt the whole idea of internet marketing.

You even doubt yourself.

And this is exactly where we were because...

“We Were Sold on the Whole ‘Affiliate Marketing is Easy’ B.S. and Got Even Deeper into Debt…”

What they don’t tell you is that in order to stand out in affiliate marketing and be really successful at it you need to create a whole bunch of stuff.

It’s a far cry from the “just fire a link out there and get rich”.

To stand out and make the big commissions you need to build:

  • Bonus Products to entice people to buy from you
  • Bonus Pages which deliver the bonuses to your buyers
  • Bridge Pages which explain the benefits of your bonus offer
  • Thank You pages for them to dowload their bonuses
  • Etc. etc. and so it goes on and on!

It’s a total techie minefield.

And nobody is teaching you this stuff.

We had to learn all this and create all these components for ourselves as we started to see that just doing a standard affiliate marketing promotion wasn’t going to cut the mustard.


This affiliate marketing arena is so over-crowded and competitive you need to do something different, you need to stand out and you need to over-deliver.

So with every promotion we would add something to our offer.

We would try out a new component to each affiliate offer to see if it got us more commissions.

And you know what?

“After Years of Trial and Error We Finally Stumbled on the Incredible Profit-Pulling Power of Using ‘Commission Magnets’...”

I remember the day clearly like it was yesterday.

I woke up, checked my stats and there it was staring back at me $1293.94.


Twelve hundred dollars in commissions in a single day - just promoting other people’s products.

All our tests had finally worked;

“Melinda!”, I shouted through the house, “you gotta come see this!”

Her face was an absolute picture, I will never forget it for as long as I live.

“Fast-Forward to Today and We Are 100% Debt-Free Living in a Beautiful 8 Bedroom Mansion on 4 Acres in Orlando, Florida…”

By now you’ve seen what it took to get this far.

It was no walk in the park.

But we did it and you can do it too.

All you need is a system that works. This is why we’re going to give you the very same system we used to get here and also actually BUILD IT FOR YOU.

More on that in a sec but first…

You were probably starting to think about how you are going to spend all this new money that you make with these Commission Magnets?


“We’ve Made So Much Money With These Commission Magnets We Even Bought My Mom a House for Christmas…”

As you can see - this dramatic increase in income can have dramatic impacts on your life and the lives of those you love.

What you do with the money is up to you.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of how this works...


You Can Finally Do This...

  • Without A List.
  • Without Creating Products.
  • Without Doing Product Launches.
  • Without Traveling To Events.
  • Without Recruiting Affiliates.

“How About We Just Do Everything for You So You Can Just Focus on Collecting the Commissions?”

*These results are not typical. Please read our earnings disclaimer in the footer.

Commission Magnets is your very own affiliate marketing platform that makes you money by doing the marketing FOR YOU.

No more fumbling around with clunky or complicated page builders

Now you can use OUR proven bonus pages, products and marketing material to…

We’ve taken all the hard stuff out of being a profitable JVZoo affiliate in November of 2018 and beyond.

You're Getting...

  • INSTANT AFFILIATE APPROVAL - No more waiting and hoping you get approved to promote. With Commission Magnets you are INSTANTLY APPROVED to promote our 7 core products that each convert over 7% of traffic into buyers AND net you between $1 and $3 PER VISITOR! This is awesome because most vendors typically shy away from affiliates that don’t already have a ton of sales and experience. With Commission Magnets you’re in like flynn!
  • SECRET JVZOO APPROVAL CODES - We’ve even negotiated instant approval for you with a bunch of our partners! Now Commission Magnet members get approval codes for an additional 19 products! You need this because now you’ll have a total of 26 products you can instantly start promoting and making money with! No more waiting and praying for affiliate approval.
  • 40 (YES FORTY) ORIGINAL BONUS PRODUCTS - This is an absolute no brainer because you are getting a huge variety of unique, valuable and ATTRACTIVE products to give away as incentives for people to BUY THROUGH YOU! You need this because it spares you months and months of hard work creating bonus products plus it saves you all the expensive costs involved with outsourcing such a product creation nightmare! We’ve already DONE IT FOR YOU.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE CLOUD HOSTED BONUS PAGES - Your 7 DFY bonus pages aren't just done for you they are also HOSTED FOR YOU! You WANT this because it spares you the aggravation of setting up a domain name, server settings and all that technical nonsense. Plus lets not forget the COSTS of having to pay for hosting. With commission magnets your hosting costs are zero.
  • DELIVERY DOCS - Your bonus products are already placed into beautiful PDF documents for easy deliverability to your customers. This is super convenient for you because the docs are easy to deliver right inside of JVZoo or via email so you never have to zip up bonuses or use file sharing networks to deliver them.

If you were to try and create this stuff yourself it would take you MONTHS of hard work. 

Even if you were to outsource the creation of this material it would easily cost you AT LEAST $197 per product. X 40 products = $7,880 in development. Thats just for the bonus products!

Commission Magnets contains all the DONE FOR YOU components you need to start earning commissions as soon as TODAY.

"And listen…. It's Not About The List!"

Granted - having a list definitely helps. But it's not necessary (we'll show you our time tested FREE traffic-getting methods in the BONUS training course).

The richest affiliates online don't have the biggest lists - they have the best strategy.

Like we do.

You're ALSO Getting...

  • CLOUD HOSTED MONETIZED DOWNLOAD PAGES - You can send your customer direct to a download page instead of giving them a delivery doc. This is super smart because it enables you to advertise more products to your customers THROUGH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK. We do all this for you automatically… zero work on your part.
  • HIGH PERFORMING TRAFFIC MATERIAL - Every one of your bonus pages comes with 6 professionally copy written post adverts and 6 proven emails to market with. That’s a total of 84 custom marketing pieces! This is such a huge benefit for you because you can focus on making money instead of writing and testing your own sales copy.
  • BUILT IN STATS AND TRACKING - You no longer need a scientific calculator to figure out exactly how your bonus page is performing and how much money you’re making. This is important because you won't waste time and money on split testing or link cloaking software. The system connects to JVZoo FOR YOU and shows you exactly how your bonuses are performing!
  • FACEBOOK FRIENDLY AFFILIATE LINKS - No more banhammer from the social media titan. You can share your Commission Magnets links on Facebook without fear of reprise! This is super convenient AND protects your facebook account because direct linking to affiliate offers is frowned upon but Facebook likes Commission Magnet bonus pages!
  • EASY TO UNDERSTAND TRAINING - This training is the cherry on top of you perfect commission sundae. You can finally learn the “WHY” & “HOW” that has held you back for so long. These are a bonus - don't worry you can start making commissions even BEFORE you watch the training. If you want to become a Commission Expert then watch the 5 modules at your leisure.

"If You Can Copy & Paste, You're OVER Qualified!"


Each one of your Commission Magnets is easily customizable right in the members area. There’s nothing to it! If you can copy and paste YOU’RE OVERQUALIFIED!

Here’s how easily and seamlessly your magnets work…

You can just copy your bonus offer page URL and promote as is OR you can paste your own video link and headline to customize the page… Either way YOU EARN THE COMMISSIONS!

Take a look at all of your beautiful DONE FOR YOU bonus pages….

We are doing all of the marketing for you here. You've now got our time tested, high converting marketing material for each campaign right at your fingertips.

Emails & Adverts

Done For You material to promote the bonus to your audience.

Bonus Products

Done For You bonus products to give your buyers.

Delivery Doc

Done For You bonus delivery docs to uploaded to your JVZoo acct.

OP2 Bonus Page

Done For You OP2 template for each of your hosted bonus pages.

OP2 Download Page

Done For You OP2 template for each of your bonus download pages.

Its all right there for you ...ready to ROCK! Just click to open, copy and DEPLOY! You've got a profit pulling total of 84 marketing pieces for all your Commission Magnets combined.

"These Commission Magnets Are So Irresistable That You're Customers Are Going to Be THROWING Money At You!"

We’ve spared NO EXPENSE in developing these custom bonus products for you. Each product consists of a training video, a PDF eBook, and custom graphics all developed BY US in house.

You can get this entire DONE FOR YOU Commission Magnets system for a super low price right now if you join before the time runs out!

Why not totally free, you ask? Well, you need to have skin in the game.

If you're not able or willing to put a few greenbacks down to grow your own 6-figure commissions business then you're not the kind of person we want in our Super Affiliate circle. But here’s the deal… we’re happy to shoulder the risk.

We will put our money where our mouths are.


Buy with confidence. We’re dedicated to your success and we guarantee that you’ll love this product. If you are dissatisfied for any reason just let us know at and we’ll issue you a prompt and hassle free refund

Questions, Concerns? Call Us Toll Free 866-205-3389

Sara McLeod

I've been going over Commission Magnets for a whole day and its really given me a new enthusiasm for affiliate marketing! This is a well planned out product that covers everything.  I initially just wanted all the bonus promotion material. But I got really drawn into the training videos. It's good to finally have such a clear picture of the whole commission getting process. Omar this is your best work yet!

Sara McLeod
Rob Reece

Omar is going to show you how to GET MORE MONEY in your PayPal account. This training is second to none. I've gone through the training in depth and it is absolutely STELLAR. This product is super rich in value and you are going to LOVE Commission Magnets.

Rob Reece
Ray Lane

I review A LOT of Internet Marketing products and no one can hold a candle to the work of Melinda and Omar Martin. Their tools have added thousands and thousands of dollars to my business in the past and after going through Commission Magnets I can honestly tell you that this product is one of the best affiliate marketing packages on the internet! Get it!

Ray Lane, The Video Guy

Lets Add Up Everything You're Getting Today

  • Full Access To The Commission Magnets Members Area
  • 7 Done For You Commission Magnets
  • 7 Bonus Pages (Hosted For You & Downloadable OP2 Template) $1497 VALUE
  • 7 Download Pages (Hosted For You & Downloadable OP2 Template)
  • 7 Marketing Material Zips (42 emails & 42 posts)
  • 7 PDF Delivery Docs $97 VALUE
  • 40 Original Bonus Products  (To use in any/all of your campaigns) $7880 VALUE
  • Commission Magnets Video Course (Over 6 hours of training) $497 VALUE
  • Downloadable Reference Material & Resources $97 VALUE
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS: GPC Doc filled with guaranteed approval codes for JVZoo $197 VALUE
  • Generic Bonus Kit (Use this to promote any product of your choice) $497 VALUE

Commission Magnets Total Value


But don't worry, because you are finally at the right place at the perfect time!  You don't have to pay $17,059 to create your own affiliate marketing system. You don't have to invest all the time and energy that we did either.

You can get this entire DONE FOR YOU Commission Magnets system for a super low price right now if you join before the time runs out!

We're even backing it up with our iron clad, 30 days, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

YESOmar & Melinda, I Want YOU To DO All The Marketing FOR ME With Commission Magnets Starting Now!

  • YES! I've had enough of making tiny commissions and finally want to breakthrough to the big time.
  • YES! I want this affiliate marketing bonus stuff DONE FOR ME so I can start making money with this as soon as today.
  • YES! I want to discover the "newbie proof" Commission Magnet process for cranking out commissions in a heartbeat
  • YES! I want all these bonus products and bonus pages DONE FOR ME!
  • YES! I want INSTANT JVZoo aproval to promote your core products and the secret codes to promote others!

There is no risk whatsoever and I should grab Commission Magnets RIGHT NOW for just the small, ONE-TIME, ONE-OFF investment of just $297.00

I have a FULL 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, and nobody is allowed to ask me anything or try to pitch me something else if I decide to ask for my money back.

Commission Magnets

Remember there is no risk because your purchase is 100% guaranteed for 30 days.

Enough jibber jabber, you now have 2 choices:

OPTION 1: Do nothing and keep getting the same results you’ve been getting.

OPTION 2: Invest your time into this proven commission attracting and fast track yourself into online success.


“We'll See You Inside!”

Got A Frequently Asked Question?

Is Commission Magnets Easy To Use?

YES! ‘Ease of use’ has been our #1 priority all throughout the development of the software. There is nothing to install, just create your account and login to begin making commissions

You can use the pages AS IS or you can insert your own video URL and headline text. The software generates your links, bonus pages, download pages and even the marketing material FOR YOU.

Do I Need To Download Files Or Host My Own Pages?

NO! We developed Commission Magnets to help you get more sales and commissions without any fuss, downloading, uploading or installing, We’ve got your back BIGTIME. Your bonus pages, download pages and even the bonus products are all hosted by us at NO COST TO YOU. We want you to get amazing results and don’t want to limit that.

Does Commission Magnets work with WordPress?

Commission Magnets is a web based software application (SaaS)… But if you have a WordPress blog or multiple blogs, no problem.

You can also download the pages and host them yourself if you are an advanced user and want to make more modifications. The pages are built with Optimizepress plugin for WordPress so you can easily upload them to your own site if you wish. It’s really easy.

What If I Don't Have Any Bonuses To Use?

No Problem! We’ve got you covered by giving you 40 done for you bonuses that are already plugged into your Commission Magnets bonus pages. That way you don’t have to come up with your own unless you want to.

These bonus products are not a bunch of PLR junk. We’ve spared no expense in creating these bonuses for you. These products are all custom made by us IN HOUSE. You get videos, eBooks, editable docs, even graphics…. ALL WITH PLR (Private Label) Rights

You even have access to the content yourself so you can watch it, read it, learn from it, apply it to your own business or even change it and combine it if you want!

Is the page hosting really 100% FREE?

Yes, by taking action now and joining us today we’ll guarantee you no hosting fees. No monthly fee. No annual fee. Nada. You get everything you see here for as long as your account remains active. We’ll continue to host your promotion pages for free with no strings attached.

WARNING: In future we will be adding a recurring monthly fee to Commission Magnets so act now to be grandfathered in to this amazing special price.

Can I use Commission Magnets to promote any JVZoo product or just yours?

YES! We’ve provided you a generic magnet template with generic text, bonuses and even a generic video! You can use this template, delivery docs and marketing material to promote ANY PRODUCTS THAT YOU WANT.

When you chose to promote products other than the 7 core magnets you’ll have to download the bonus pages and host them on your own wordpress site using Optimize Press. We provide the DONE FOR YOU templates and OP2 has super easy to follow training on how to upload them to your site.

We have even negotiated guarantee affiliate approval in JVZoo for some of the highest converting products in their marketplace. Just enter the secret approval code when you apply and BOOM… you are ready to rock!

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