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Prospect Persuasion

Do you understand the difference between satisfying a prospect, and building a loyal customer that will buy from you over and over again? This difference could potentially make or break your online business, and yet still many marketers do not understand it. People love to buy stuff, but they hate to be sold, and within this training we're going to show you how to use that to your advantage.

Email Sequencing Machine

Everyone should know how to automate trust building, up-selling, and cross selling. You’ll learn the importance of using the features an autoresponder provides for you and how to write an email sequence so that it builds trust and it gets people to come back and take action. It's not as hard as you may think. Start creating your email sequence machine now to generate income on autopilot.

Digital Web Business Basics

The internet is constantly changing and it’s constantly in motion. The technology has changed so much that it literally has affected the way we sell. Many people are afraid of adapting to the changes when it comes to their internet business. You don't have to be afraid anymore! You're going to learn how to grow with the times and what to keep your eyes on as the internet constantly changes.

Trends in Traffic

Driving traffic to your website isn't as difficult as it may sound or look for you. It's actually pretty simple. There are three ways to get traffic. In this training, we're going to cover with you what exactly those three ways are. More importantly, we are going to go over each one of those different ways and the differences between the three. When you're done with this training, you'll learn which way is best for you.

Be A Support Hero

Your customers are going to be one of the most important parts of your online business. This is why keeping your customers loyal and happy is a good thing. Although the customer is not always right, in business you should know what battles are worth fighting. Sometimes, it's better for your business to make a customer happy. We’ll cover some expectations from a help desk and how you should treat your customers.

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