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How To Influence Prospects

Influencing your prospects is a skill that can be learned, you weren't born with it. In this training you will learn how to persuade your prospects through the FIGS - Fear of loss, Indifference, Greed, and Sense of urgency. These are great persuasion tactics that many don't realized are being used all around them each day. If you use them in your marketing you can definitely be able to see increase in your sales.

Facebook Ads For Beginners

Using Facebook Ads can sometimes seem overwhelming. But it doesn't have to! Let us take you step by step through the basics of running ads on Facebook. We'll take you step by step and show you how you can earn money with every click your ad gets. We're going to cover how videos will help attract visitors and help you understand the process of creating the ad, running the ad and a little bit about how retargeting works.

Bonus Hooks

Everyone knows that the best way to generate the most commissions is to offer your customers a bonus. In today's market, there are many people competing for sales during product launches. It's important to know what things you can do to stand out from the crowd of affiliates that are promoting the same product. Here we will cover some important tips and techniques that you can use in order to outshine your competitors.

Commission Automation

How can you automate commissions? It's a pretty simple question. Here you will learn the system that will put your customers through a sequence of funnels so that you can generate income. We will help you understand the concepts and the terminology that surround the online commission automation process. We're going to also teach you how to automate your scaling using email and just strategy.

Email Marketing Advantage

Want to DOMINATE any affiliate leaderboard? Who doesn't, right? When it comes to email marketing, it's important to know that not just anyone can simply get a computer, write an email, pick a product, send an email and expect to generate huge affiliate income. An online marketing business comes 10% from the tools, trainings, and practices, but 90% from faith, belief, stickitivity, and from working hard.

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