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Drive - Capture - Mail

The key things with effective list building and making profits with your list are to drive, to capture, and then to mail. A list has to be reliable, it has to be there when you need it. So to make your list a reliable one, you have to make sure you're taking care of it. A list is just like a car. The moment you drive it off the lot, it starts aging, things eventually break down, and you have to maintain it if you'd like for it to last longer.


The Traffic Anatomy

Not all traffic is created equally and you have to understand how this affects your online sales. Many people think that any traffic is great. This is far from the truth when it comes to your online business. There is good traffic and there is bad traffic. Here you’ll learn the truth about these two types of traffic and how most traffic that you send to your product can possibly be hurting your business.


The Viral Bonus

Who wouldn’t like for their promotional bonus to go viral? What are the best ways to offer bonuses when promoting a product? In this training, you’ll learn why it’s so important to offer your prospects a bonus when you’re promoting a product as an affiliate. You’ll also get to learn what your prospects look for when they’re thinking of purchasing a product and how to be at the top of their radar when they’re starting their search.


The Secret Funnel Session

Come inside of Omar and Melinda’s secret funnel session that took place with a select group of their VIP students. What type of funnel will be the most important funnel you build? Here you’ll learn about simplifying your BUSINESS funnel and "reverse engineering" your ideas for success. We'll cover the best ways to do this that will skyrocket your online income. This is something that you should always be doing in your business!


Getting Traffic The Right Way

How will you be sure that you're getting traffic the RIGHT WAY? Here you’ll learn WHERE to find your traffic and how you should be marketing to your prospects once you find them. You'll learn what the right way is and what things you should avoid. You’ll also learn how to get ideas for creating products and what order you should do things when it comes to putting your product in front of potential customers.