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Affiliate Marketing Do's & Dont's

What should you do when it comes to affiliate marketing? What should you not do? Not everyone knows what they should and shouldn't be doing as an affiliate marketer. In this training, you’ll learn what the Affiliate Marketing do’s and don'ts are. We are going to be covering some unique and creative things that you could be doing when you are promoting products and what types of products you should stay away from.


Crafting Subject Lines

When emailing your subscribers, the subject lines are often overlooked. Your subject line will be at the beginning of your funnels and are what will get your subscriber to open your emails and to take action. In this training, you will get unique ideas on how to make your subject lines stand out from all the emails in your subscribers inbox. Following these tactics will get more people to open your emails.


Understanding Web Traffic

You NEED TRAFFIC! PERIOD!! The key to making money on command is mastering the process of getting traffic. There are a bunch of different types of traffic sources that you can have access to. However, when getting traffic, it's important to understand how it works, what to look for and what to avoid. It is important to avoid a platform and other dependencies in the process of getting traffic.


The Funnel Pricing Strategy

How do you put a price to the funnel you’ve worked hard to build? Are you pricing it too high? Or is it too low? This is common for you to wonder. It's important to know some key things before you settle on the pricing structure for your product. Here we’re not only going to cover the pricing strategy, but we will cover how to win your customer by letting them get to know you and by building trust with your prospects.


List Building, The Ever Changing Business Growth Paradigm

As technology develops, the internet  develops new methods, tactics and tools that enable you to attract new leads and new customers to your growing email lists. It's important to adapt to these changes in order to continue to make money online. Do the changes on the internet scare you?It doesn't have to. Let us show you how to adapt to the ongoing changes to ensure that you’re not left behind in the dust.