Time Sensitive Encore Presentation

Please turn off all distractions and stay tuned to the very end!

Table Of Contents - Jump Right To The Spot!

2:25 Consistent Results
5:30 Testimonial
6:22 No B.S Disclaimer
7:23 What is a “Commission Magnet”?
10:54 Who the heck are we?
15:44 Social proof
19:38 What really matters to us.
22:26 I did a lot of things WRONG way.
25:02 Here is the Commission Magnets way
29:53 Secret #1 Build a stadium,
31:15 Secret #2 Use a bridge page.
33:14 Secret #3 Glue them with FIGS.
35:47 Commission Magnets website demo.

39:11 The Commission Magnets training course
44:38 The pre-built DFY magnets.
48:19 How to customize your bonus pages.
51:32 The generic Bonus Kit.
53:04 Custom marketing "glue".
54:50 Your very own custom bonus products.
57:53 What’s a delivery doc?
1:09:10 Here’s everything you get.
1:18:43 The price & the special discount.
1:20:04 Save an extra $100 with this coupon
1:22:21 Call to action and order link.
1:22:36 30 Day money back guarantee.
1:25:46 The close.

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