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Hello and Welcome!

Its Melinda and Omar Martin here and we want to personally thank you for visiting this page and invite you to join us for the next huge Black Friday special!

We’ve been marketing online for well OVER 10 years, and we have a long track record for producing top performing digital products. We have generated millions of dollars online and we take great pride in the fact that we've helped thousands of students learn to make a living online.

We’ve been able to achieve this because WE CARE. We care about the success of our customers and the profitability of our affiliates. You are not just a number to us. You are a partner, you are a friend and we look forward to working closely with you.


We've been running a Black Friday blow out offer for 7 years now. The promotion is fast and insanely profitable because its only for a few days. This year we are extending it through Cyber Monday and we are doing another PRE launch webinar on Thanksgiving night.

Every year this promotion has gotten better and better and produces more and more sales for our affiliates. There are a lot of reasons for this continued success, these are the same reasons why you should promote this Black Friday offer with full force!



    This entire funnel is loaded with proven ACTIONABLE products.


    We’ve been rocking black friday blowouts for 8 years in a row!


    These products are tested and proven to convert. (see stats below)


    The Thanksgiving earlybird webinar gives you a head start & EXTRA money.


    Your customers are already used to black friday and cyber monday savings!


    The countdown ends on midnight cyber monday and the price shoots up!


    We care! Melinda personally handles customer AND affiliate support IN HOUSE.


    We want to promote YOUR products. Sell for us and we’ll sell for you. Thats how we roll.


Simple, Effective and PROFITABLE. That's how to best describe this funnel. There are 3 product offers that are each proven to convert well. You can see the stats for each product below. Keep in mind that the OTO's each have 2 payment options. This gives your buyer more choices and makes you more money.

As you know, when you have 2 buy buttons on a page, the stats become a little skewed but even with that consideration these stats are excellent.


Commission Magnets is a membership website with the singular focus of making commissions through affiliate marketing. This is our newest web site and it uses our most advanced technology to create affiliate funnels for the users.  ComMag comes with training, and tools. The tools are a variety of bridge pages, bonus pages, delivery docs and PRODUCTS.

Members can quickly customize their own bonus pages by simply entering their own headline and YouTube video link. The pages are hosted by us so there is no additional expense for the user. The best part is that all the bonus products are provided for them!

We've created 40 UNIQUE digital products that include videos, ebooks, text docs, graphics and PSD's. We made this all ourselves, in house. This is top quality material and your customer gets PLR rights to it all. It cost over $17,000 to produce this material. Bonus pages, download pages, delivery docs, product zips... all included with detailed instructions.

The video training is top notch. Over 6 hours of screen by Omar Martin himself walking each student through the process of attracting leads and warming them up to purchase by using BRIDGE PAGES. All the research material and resources are included and each video comes with its own PDF to follow along.

Commission Magnets is the shit. This is the process and tools that we use to make well over a thousand dollars per week in passive commissions on JVZoo. The offer has converted very well for us during our tests. We don't use affiliates as guinea pigs, we test and perfect our offers ourselves till they convert like crazy.

We've already made over 95 ComMag sales during the testing phase. It works. Promote with confidence.


MyUnfair Advantage is a membership website that contains just about everything we've ever done online. This is by far the most robust membership site we've ever seen and it includes training, software, website templates, scripts, tools and so much more.

The best part about being an MUA member is that everyone gets LIVE weekly group coaching! This is something that we've been doing since 2010! Yes, we have done over 330 episodes, and we keep adding each week! These are actual live training calls where we teach online marketing tactics that are working for us RIGHT NOW.

We also do weekly live streaming in our private Facebook group. This is as cutting edge as it gets, REAL coaching, REAL presentations not a bunch of podcasting interview bullshit. Our members LOVE this site because it is a community of marketers with everything you need under one roof!

The site includes 6 MINI COURSES covering List Building, Product Creation, Sales Pages, Membership Sites, Affiliate Marketing & Product Launching. Each member automatically gets access to all of our core products, plugins, and software. Internet Selling For Newbies, Rapid Profit System, Buzzinar, Funnel Boss, Content Nitrous & more!

MUA also includes a brand new UNIQUE PLR product library with over 50 products and new ones being added constantly. This is QUALITY CONTENT produced in-house by us and includes artwork and source files valued at thousands of dollars each!


There have always been 2 payment buttons on the sales page for My Unfair Advantage. Your customer can chose from the $37 per month option or get permanent access for one payment of $297. We've made well over 8000 sales of MUA over the years!

Due to the fact that there are 2 buttons on the sales page and both of them count visits, the conversion and EPC will appear lower than it actually is. With that said, both offers have EXCELLENT stats and you can expect about a 50/50 take up rate on them. Customers love them both!



The most unique, engaging and informative training webinar on the internet takes place LIVE every Thursday at 9:00 PM EST. These PRIVATE episodes are between 2-4 hours of PURE CONTENT with new topics and questions answered weekly! We do an actual presentation on a current marketing topic each week which is recorded and put into the archives.


We're not just a voice behind a webinar screen. We interact with our audience during every weekly coaching session. You'll feel like you're sitting in the room next to us as we simulcast our weekly coaching webinar LIVE to our private Facebook group audience. This is where you get the behind the scenes learning as we cover weekly housekeeping and trending topics.


It's all recorded and stored in the MUA membership site. Our students never miss a minute of the weekly coaching because each episode is immediately stored in our training vault for easy access later. This is super convenient because members can attend Live or watch the replay at any time. These archives go way back to April of 2010!


We've built more than just a product here. Over the years, MUA has become A FAMILY. Members NEVER feel like they're building a business alone with access to our private group. MUA is a tightly-knit family of successful marketers and online entrepreneurs just like YOU. Our group is AWESOME and we love to help each other! Every single weekly coaching call is summarized and posted in the Facebook group as well!



This course walks the viewer through the creation of a digital information product from scratch IN ONE DAY. Members can watch over Omar's shoulder as he starts from a blank screen and literally creates a product and sales process right on your screen in a matter of hours! Warning: This mini course will eliminate all your product creation excuses.


This mini course reveals the techniques that Omar uses to create audiences and build subscriber lists. Just ONE tactic revealed in this video can add hundreds of subscribers to your list THIS WEEK. The cool thing about having access to this course is that THIS was the product created in the Product Creation Mini Course above! Watch the video and download all the resources from for List Bolt inside the MUA members area.


This is 100% hardcore online sales training at its best folks. "Marketing" just isn't enough. You MUST learn how to sell and that's done online with SALES PAGES. In this course, Omar teaches you the exact ways to sell different types of products to various types of audiences. And thats not all, this minicourse includes tha actual templates we used for each! You'll love his sales templates!


Melinda rolled her sleeves up and took control in this minicourse! You'll be blown away when you see how easy it is to create a recurring income with membership sites. This step-by-step videos will make you an expert at creating password protected membership sites with WordPress! This series is an absolute gold mine because it will make recurring income quick and painless for you to create with membership sites!


The "Superstar" training series is a realy fun and entertaining learning experience. Join Omar, Melinda and the OWNERS OF JVZOO in a series of 6 videos that will uncover the secret tips and tricks used by millionaire marketers to make BANK on JVZoo through both Product Launching AND Affiliate Marketing! This course will force you to look at marketing from a whole new perspective. The MONEY perspective.


This Simple $336 Per Day System Will Have You Laughing All the Way To The Bank… This Works Even If You’re A Brand-Spanking Newbie With No Skills, No Website And No Experience!

Discover The Secret Strategy To Build A Reliable $23,774.56 Per Month Online Business... Even If You're A Broke Struggling Newbie!

Copy This Secret Process Used By Experts Behind The Scenes To Make Millions Online... Grab Your Copy Right Now - Start Learning These Methods Instantly!

Viral Traffic Getting System & Software Makes $396,126.01 Per Year On Autopilot Commissions... Use This To Build A Big & Profitable List Super Fast!

Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Effortlessly Created Over $766,025.92...And Now You Can Inject This Powerful Code Into Your Websites!

OTO 2 | A.C.E.

This business in a box is so complete and powerful that it could sell for $10,000. We spent $92k on Product & Funnel Development & another $25k creating the ACE Automation, that makes this a $117,000.00 business that took 1.5 years of work to build.

Your customers get to keep 100% of all the funnel profits, for all their leads and on the ACE sales they get 30% - Melinda and I get 70% on those. Those are the only sales we make some money on. This is called a “Loss Leader” for us and its called a GOLD MINE for them!

This isn't just like joining someones affiliate program. This is a real business for your customer. Its a license to keep all the profits from all our core products. This is like a franchise of our entire company. Your customer gets an awesome tool including...

Automatic Approval + 100% Commissions On ALL Of Our Core Funnel Products. EVERYTHING! >> This is awesome because there’s no need to “apply” for anything. All ACE members are “in like flynn” with 100% commissions and approvals.

115+ Pre-Queued Fully Automated Deep Funnel Email Campaigns. >> Nothing technical about it, we manage the whole thing for you! This saves you a HUGE amount of time writing, testing, mailing and learning email marketing. We mail FOR YOU, and YOU get to profit!

Self-Propagating Sales Funnel System Utilizing JVZoo. All Pages Pre-Built And Include Integrated Tracking. >> You need this because it's all the technical stuff TESTED and working already, nothing else for you to buy or integrate by yourself. We’ve got your back!

Our Exclusive Automation Portal Allows You To See Your Whole Business At A Glance. >> This helps you so much because everything you need to run your business is right there at your fingertips on one page. No hunting around for stats, links, marketing material, it's ALL there for you.

Tons Of Custom Marketing Material To Help You Generate Hordes Of Traffic. >> This is awesome because we’re going to teach you HOW to drive the traffic and now you’ve got the materials to do it with too! All the source material you need, from articles and posts to snippets and more!

Simple (Yet Highly Effective) Traffic Training Videos. >> This is amazing because it will keep you FOCUSED on what's important! Step by step lessons on driving free and paid traffic to generate leads for you ACE funnels! As long as you are willing to do the work, these are the EXACT steps to follow. It's a HUGE time saver.

Full Access To The IM Clinic Training In Case You Get Stuck. >> You need this advanced training because it covers the 4 things that most people get stuck on. IMC can save you lots of frustration and headache in the future!

PLUS 60 Days Personal Email Access To Me! >> You need this because I can keep your head in the game! Its easy to get confused or distracted and that's when having an Internet Millionaire’s private email address comes in real handy!


Crush Campaign Email Swipes

Black Friday SPECIAL – The fastest & easiest way to make 💰 online!


When everything else is about spending money, this Black Friday let’s talk about MAKING you some money instead!

I know you’re working on building a reliable online business and that’s why you need to listen closely to this.

A reliable long term business has a lot of moving parts. There’s a lot to learn and hopefully you’ve been following our various training products to teach you how.

We all want a secure future but let’s be realistic. You also need money NOW.

You’ve got bills and you need working capital.


Lack of working capital is the real cause of most online business failures. You’ve gotta be able to EARN while you learn.

There is a simple solution… but sadly, most people that try it totally screw it up.


You know and I know that affiliate marketing is where it’s at. There is simply no substitute for the power to make commissions on command!

It can be life changing when done right. Some affiliates make hundreds per day while others make THOUSANDS per day.

It really is possible but unfortunately too many marketers over complicate the process. I’m here to tell you that there is simple system that can can start attract commissions into your business almost immediately.

This video will pry your eyes WIDE OPEN.


You won’t believe how simple and profitable this process is.

Watch this now cause it won’t be up for long.

These secret done-for-you pages can QUADRUPLE your income


Just Insert This One Page Into Your Marketing To Instantly 4X Your Profit

Conventional wisdom tells us that all you need to make money is some traffic and an affiliate link but that kind of thinking is just flat out WRONG.

You’ve got to insert a page between the traffic and the offer if you want every affiliate campaign to ROCK.

So what’s this secret page called?


And even better than that, they have tested, tweaked, and perfected them into a done-for-you funnel platform that you can access right now and get people to buy LIKE CRAZY!

<center><a href=”INSERTYOURAFFILIATELINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”You Must Allow Images To See This Content” /></a></center>



You’ve probably seen the names ‘Omar & Melinda Martin’ on some of the top leaderboards in the industry but trust me… they’re not doing anything that you can’t do! They’re just an average married couple from Orlando florida that have nailed down a platform for attracting commissions.

Their platform is called Commission Magnets platform, and the best part is everything DONE FOR YOU!

That’s right, you barely need to lift a finger. All the designing, testing, tweaking and other techie work has been done for you!

If you need (or want) an substantial injection of CASH into your affiliate marketing business then you need to take a look at Commission Magnets and learn what it’s all about!

Watch their demo on the next page.


The video is about 30 minutes long and you need to make time to watch it TODAY because they’re taking the page down very soon.

I’ll see you there.

Every Marketer NEEDS TO WATCH THIS. 📺


Lucky for you, most of them are LAZY deadbeats that won’t be bothered.

That’s why you’re about to make out like a fat rat in a cheese factory.

You’re in a position to capitalize on an an all new DONE FOR YOU platform that can really change your life.

While others complain about the lack of traffic and sales you are finally in a position to attract commissions steadily.

You are going to LOVE how simple and direct the Commission Magnets platform is, especially since all the complicated techie work is done for you 😉

This is truly a shortcut to the money. You can keep building your long term business while you use this method to bring in daily cash.

You Need This:

<center><a href=”INSERTYOURAFFILIATELINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”You Must Allow Images To See This Content” /></a></center>



Prepare for at least 3 “Aha Moments” that will turn the money faucet on in your business.

You’re gonna love this!

Even Donald Trump can’t stop this.


Stop it. Just Focus On Making Money Like They Did.

You can create your own destiny as long as you have an open mind and you’re willing to work hard.

You are blessed to have the freedom and the opportunity to make things happen. Rejoice in that.

My friends Omar & Melinda Martin literally went from being homeless to being Internet millionaires by using a process they call Commission Magnets.

See Exactly How They Did It >>


Now they employ people.
They pay taxes.
They donate to charities.
They stimulate the economy.
They live an amazing life!
They are blessed.

You can have the same. Just go watch this video and read this page. Then access the Commission Magnets platform. (use our coupon code “100OFF” to save a hundred bucks)

Bypass all the hard work and let us do all the work for you!

Dive into the platform and be a good student. Watch your life change for the better as commission payments start flying into your account overnight.



I’ll see you inside.

Do this. Make Money. Period.


I’m not blowing smoke up your a**. These 3 simple steps will change your life.

There’s no need to stress over traffic and bombard your prospects anymore.
Frankly that never really worked very well anyway.

When you shift your thinking to create these 3 things in your affiliate marketing… the leads and the money will COME TO YOU.

#1 A digital stadium. You need to assemble your tribe in a place where you’ll be revered.

#2 A captive audience. You need to engage and stimulate that tribe constantly.

#3 A bridge. You must assemble a proper bridge between your audience and the product.

The problem is that most people “THINK” they know what a bridge is but they’re just kidding themselves.

Are you one of those people? Be honest.

Don’t Sweat It, It’s All Been Done For You! >>


A bridge is not what you think. It’s not a squeeze page and its not necessarily a bonus page either.

A bridge page is a CRITICAL part of converting cold traffic into red hot buyers.

It’s time you learned exactly how to do this correctly. I mean…

Aren’t you tired of getting little or no traffic?
Aren’t you tired of not making sales?
Aren’t you tired of getting little or NO RESULTS from your affiliate marketing?

Well… it’s time to do something other than complain about it. Commission Magnets is the answer for you.

Watch it this video. Take notes. TAKE ACTION.


Congrats! You’re winning. 🏆


You are getting a $100 gift TODAY!

The fat lady sings Monday at midnight but as long as you take action before then Omar & Melinda are giving you $100 OFF on Commission Magnets!

This is a WIN – WIN scenario for you. You save money and you make money at the same time.
All the risk is on them.

The entire process, including all the techie work and tweaking and testing has been done for you already, all you have to do is access the platform and put it into action.

I’ve been adamantly telling you about their COMMISSION MAGNET system for 3 reasons.

It’s simple.
It will make you money.
It closes at midnight on MONDAY.

If you haven’t watched the video Melinda made for you then I strongly suggest you make some time right now and DO IT.


You’re going to see EXACTLY what the Commission Magnets members area gives you and why it’s such a HUGE affiliate success.

By the way they are also offering $100 off the tools you need to speed up the commission pulling process and that discount also EXPIRES MONDAY AT MIDNIGHT.

This is to good for you to let it slip through your fingers. Don’t miss out.


Happy wife = happy life 👩


Mortgage PAID. Cars PAID. Groceries PAID. Spouse PAID.

Imagine the life you’ll be able to create with an extra thousand dollars in commissions per week coming into your JVZoo account.

Real money that you can transfer from PayPal to your checking account at any time.

This isn’t a pipe dream, this is the real deal Holyfield. You can do this even if you’re a stone cold newbie without an ounce of computer experience.

Why am I so confident this will work for you? Because all the hard work has been done FOR you by Omar & Melinda themselves! They’re experts at this strategy and the platform they’ve created makes it all super simple fo ryou.

As long as you can log into your Commission Magnets members area using the password they give you and then….

#1 Watch the videos to learn the system.
#2 Copy and paste your links as instructed.
#3 Repeat the process for a few minutes each day.


That’s all it takes to generate an extra $1000 per WEEK online.

This life can start for you TODAY but you’ve got to take action on the next page.

Don’t miss out on this.

<center><a href=”INSERTYOURAFFILIATELINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”You Must Allow Images To See This Timer” /></a></center>

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Join Commission Magnets Now!
Save $100 with the coupon code “100OFF”


CYBER MONDAY Special – Make $ online FAST


This System Is The Best thing Since The McRib.

Look, I know you’re building your online business and you’re pouring your heart and soul into it.

I’ve been there and done that. I know how frustrating it can be to work so hard and not have any money coming in yet. (at least not any serious money)

There’s still a lot to learn but you need money NOW. You’ve got bills and you need some working capital.


There is a simple solution… Affiliate marketing is where it’s at.

There is simply no substitute for the power to make commissions on command!

I’ve been trying to tell you that there is simple system to attract commissions into your business almost immediately.

It’s all done-for-you, the design, the products, the optimizing, and all the other grueling techie work is already completed, you just get to skip right to the results!


Stop ignoring this.
Make time to watch the video right now.
You deserve this and it is right within your grasp.


<center><a href=”INSERTYOURAFFILIATELINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”You Must Allow Images To See This Timer” /></a></center>

(the above code can be used to display an email friendly countdown timer, be sure to replace the designated area with your affiliate link and then remove this section)

Join Commission Magnets Now!
Save $100 with the coupon code “100OFF”


Commission Magnets Offer CLOSING.


It’s coming down to the wire and you’re about to miss out BIG TIME.

In less than 12 hours this video will be taken down and this offer will be gone!

Most people are lazy, they fail because they never take the first step. You don’t have to be like “most people”.

You can BE AN ACTION TAKER and swipe the entire done-for-you Commission Magnets platform and use it to YOUR advantage starting TODAY.

<center><a href=”INSERTYOURAFFILIATELINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”You Must Allow Images To See This Timer” /></a></center>

(the above code can be used to display an email friendly countdown timer, be sure to replace the designated area with your affiliate link and then remove this section)


The video explains the whole process. They’ve created the step by step training for you and they are giving you all their own templates and products so you can assemble YOUR OWN COMMISSION MAGNETS!

It truly is an all-inclusive done for you platform that has everything you need to turn on the commission faucet.

The choice is in your hands right now. But at midnight, that choice goes bye bye.

Don’t let that happen to you again.


This is your LAST CHANCE!


It’s coming down to the wire and you’re about to miss out BIG TIME.

Go to this page right now and buy the Commission Magnets platform that I’ve been telling you about all week.

All the techie work is done-for-you, everything is optimized, and you don’t need to do anything except access the platform and follow the simple videos, but you have to do it before time runs out:

<center><a href=”INSERTYOURAFFILIATELINK” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”You Must Allow Images To See This Timer” /></a></center>

(the above code can be used to display an email friendly countdown timer, be sure to replace the designated area with your affiliate link and then remove this section)


It’s time you started making lifetime changing commissions too. It’s not as hard as you’ve been led to believe.

Anyone can do this. My most successful subscribers will be the ones that leverage this Commission Magnets platform.

Be one of the action takers.

I’ll see you inside.



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Please contact Us If You Need Anything!

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Omar Martin

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